Will my personal injury case go to trial?

Will my personal injury case go to trial?

If you proceed with a personal injury claim in Tampa, will you have to go to court? The majority of personal injury claims are handled in a pre-suit process. In other words, we build the case, if you’ve been injured. Maybe you’re seeking medical treatment, your facts are gathered and there’s a negotiation that’s done by the personal injury attorney before a lawsuit is filed. And a lot of cases get resolved that way and usually for a fair value. So if your case is one of the 60% that is going to get resolved prior to filing a lawsuit, then no, you’re not going to need to go to court. However, in somewhere about 30 to 40% of cases we have to file a lawsuit to get the right result. And that can be either because the insurance claim representative or the company, they’re being jerks and they’re not giving fair value. Or it’s just a high value case and it just needs to go in front of a jury. And so in those cases, yeah, you may end up going to court. Now, most of those cases, you don’t actually go to court, your lawyer will go to court for you. The only time you’re actually going to court is if there is a jury trial. And that’s just not a high percentage of cases for anybody. It’s more common for your attorney to file a lawsuit and for your attorney to move through a legal process. But it doesn’t mean that you’ll go to court. More often than not, your case is not going to end up in a courtroom.

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