Why Is Your Credibility So Important in Your NY Medical Malpractice or Car Accident Case?

What Happens If You Tell a Small Fib in Your NY Medical Malpractice or Car Accident Case?

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You wind up telling a small fib. A little white lie. An inconsistency.

You’re asked a few insignificant questions during pretrial testimony in a question and answer session known as a deposition. You quickly forget about those questions.

When your case comes up for trial and you are now being cross examined, you quickly realize that those questions you forgot about are now coming back to bite you in the butt.

When you tell a little white lie or a small fib or something inconsistent, the defense attorneys will seize upon those inconsistencies and untruths and make you out to be a liar.

The defense attorneys will argue to the jury that if you have lied about one small insignificant thing, how can you be trusted to tell the truth about things that really matter?

How can you be trusted to tell the truth about what happened to you in this particular case and the injuries you have suffered?

At the end of your trial the judge will give the jury an instruction about what it means if someone has testified falsely.

Did you know that if the jury finds that you have testified falsely about one thing, they have the right to reject and disregard ALL of your testimony?

That particular jury instruction is known as “Falsus In Uno.”

Find out how telling a small little lie can destroy your credibility in your medical malpractice case, your car accident case, or your wrongful death matter here in New York.

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