Why Is It important to Hire an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney? | GA Personal Injury Attorney

Why Is It important to Hire an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney? | GA Personal Injury Attorney

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IIt is very important to hire an experienced trucking attorney if you or a loved one has been in an accident with a semi-truck, 18 wheeler or any type of commercial truck. Sometimes within minutes after an accident, trucking companies send investigators to the crash scene to start working on their behalf. These investigators are trained to protect trucking companies and they will work quickly to collect information from the accident scene with the hopes of minimizing a potential injury claim.

Therefore, it’s crucial that an injury victim hire an experienced trucking attorney as soon as possible to work on their behalf to start investigating the crash scene before key evidence such as tire skid marks or debris from the accident are no longer available. In addition, you want to hire an attorney quickly so that they can demand in writing that the truck company not destroy important information about the actual company driver involved in that crash, such as the driver’s logs that show where the driver has been driving for a period of time prior to the collision and the results of drug and alcohol tests that may have been administered after the crash.

Also, an attorney needs to quickly demand that a trucking company keep any electronic computer data from the actual truck that was involved in the collision. This electronic data provides very important details about the 18 wheeler at the time of the accident including the speed that the truck was traveling at the time of the collision and how long the truck had actually been on the road for weeks prior to the accident. Basically, if an attorney does not timely request certain information from a trucking company, this information can be lost forever and the value of your injury claim can be greatly diminished.

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