What You Need to Claim Maximum Personal Injury Compensation

Knowing what to keep track of after a personal injury accident can help you receive maximum compensation. Watch this video to get an idea of what documents can make or break your personal injury case.


An injury journal can show pain and suffering during after a personal injury accident.

Police reports help demonstrate fault in a crash. Photos, video, and other evidence from the crash help to illustrate what happened during the crash. Even if you may be partially at fault, you may still have a case. Learn about your options under a legal framework known as “contributory negligence.” https://goo.gl/vvJ5QX

Share all this information with your lawyer so that they can go into court or mediation fully prepared to advocate on your behalf.

A personal injury case’s value is based partially on financial measures such as hospital bills and lost wages. After a crash, keep track of medical expenses, receipts from doctor’s visits, and pay stubs to track lost work. Ask your lawyer what else they need to represent you and negotiate maximum compensation from insurance companies.

*This information is not intended as legal advice. Call a personal injury or car accident lawyer at 512-474-0222 for a free consultation.

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