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What is whiplash? How does whiplash effect me?

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In automobile accidents one of the number one injuries that are suffered by an occupant of a car is a whiplash injury. Sometime people call this a sprain strain injury, or a soft tissue injury. And what this is is, for example, let’s say a rear impact. The impact of the two vehicles together transforms energy into the cabin of that car and that energy is then transferred to the occupant, let’s say the driver. That energy thrusts that person forward, causing that persons head to whip back, and then maybe whip forward again. That whipping action takes that head, muscles, and tissues beyond their normal limitations. That is what causes this injury, sprain strain, or whiplash. These injuries sometime heal themselves quite well, other times they are problematic and can last a lifetime. So if a person has this type of an injury they need to seek early medical attention, because early medical attention can help a person resolve those injuries before they become permanent, before scar tissue sets in. Whiplash, sprain strain injuries do need an attorney to help resolve them from a legal stand point, and financial stand point.


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