What If The Cause Of My Florida Car Accident Is Not Clear?

What If The Cause Of My Florida Car Accident Is Not Clear?

This is probably one of the most important reasons why you would want to hire an attorney in an accident. The attorney has resources he or she can use to help determine the cause of your accident. For example, he can gather the police reports. He can track down witnesses and take statements. He can determine whether or not there’s any surveillance video from any of the neighboring properties. Maybe there’s a red light camera.

In addition, almost every vehicle on the road today has what’s called a black box that records what the driver was doing prior to the accident. The attorney can hire someone to go out, download the information for you, create a chain of custody, and use that information to help determine what you and the other driver were doing prior to the accident, and maybe that’ll clear up what led to your car accident.

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