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Non Economic expenses include; pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, anxiety, greif, loss of companionship, loss of consortium.
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In a personal injury case, there are generally two areas of damages that we try to recover. One is called economic damages. This is an area that involves medical expenses, loss of employment, loss of earnings, property damage, things that you can calculate with a calculator or that you can get receipts for. The other part of your recovery that you’re looking for is called non economic damages. Often times people call these pain and suffering damages, but in reality it goes far beyond pain and suffering. It’s things like loss of enjoyment of life, or anxiety, or grief things of that nature. Those areas can’t be calculated with a calculator. This is where you’re going to have to show the other side, especially the insurance company if you’re trying to settle the case or a jury if you’re trying the case in trial, why your case is worth a certain amount of money, because you really can’t get out a calculator and figure it out. Sometimes, people say, “Oh well, non economic damages should be a certain percentage of the economic losses.” That’s really not a very good calculation. I’m going to give you an example of a personal injury case that I handled several years ago. I had a lady who fell over a curb stop that was misplaced. It was placed right in front of a walk way, where the owner of the property intend for people to walk. There was a curb stop just a few steps away and created a hazard, and she ended up tripping over that at night and crushed her right shoulder. Her medical expenses were only about $18,000, but as a result of this fall it crushed her right shoulder and she was right handed and she happened to e a person that really enjoyed shooting shotgun and rifles. She couldn’t do that anymore, and she was actually very good and competed quite often. The medical expenses, like I said, were only $18,000 but the loss of her right arm and the ability to use her right shoulder the way she had in the past created a huge difference for her. For example, she couldn’t wash her hair with her right hand. She couldn’t reach up and touch her head, so she actually had to change her hairstyle so that it didn’t require her to reach up with her right hand. She couldn’t participate in rifle shotgun anymore because she couldn’t put the gun into her shoulder to shoot and by the rules of the competition she couldn’t do that. Well that created a huge loss for her from an emotional stand point. Physically it also hurt her and limited her ability. Well, the jury came back and awarded her a significant amount of non economic damages that had no relationship, per say, to the economic losses because of the way that this injury had affected her life. And that’s where a good lawyer can really help you in obtaining the best recovery, is how to present your non economic losses to get the best return on that loss. Unfortunately, the only way we can calculate non economic damages is through money. I can’t return you to your health, and if you can’t get there then we have to find a way to get you appropriate recovery for those losses. So again, if you’re involved in a personal injury case you’re looking for two things: economic losses and non economic losses. We’ll try to get the best recovery to fully compensate you for the injuries you’ve suffered.


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