What Are My Rights After a Car Accident in NM. Albuquerque Attorney Explains Your Rights.

Don’t settle with the insurance claims adjuster until you know your legal rights under New Mexico law. Albuquerque personal injury and wrongful death attorney Mark Caruso, a former insurance company attorney with 31 years experience, gives you the answers you need to make your decisions.

As a former insurance company attorney Mark Caruso gained valuable experience, and he now uses this same experience against these same insurance companies. Their tricks don’t work on him. By crossing every “t” and dotting every “i” at the beginning of your claim, you can be assured of the highest settlement possible.

Have you been in a car accident, truck accident, semi truck accident, 18 wheeler accident, tractor trailer accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident, bus accident or had a pedestrian injury? Our personal injury and wrongful death law firm only handles injury and death claims resulting from the negligence or intentional act of another individual. By focusing our entire law practice on personal injury and wrongful death claims we are knowledgeable about everything related to personal injury and wrongful death.

Get the highest amount for your vehicle damage and learn about your rights to compensation from the insurance company for medical care and expenses, pain and suffering, lost earnings, permanent injury and punitive damages. Highly rated by clients and other attorneys. We can arrange medical care for our clients who don’t have insurance or prefer not to pay deductibles or co-pays. We get the insurance companies to pay you for your medical expenses.

Ask about our discounted attorney fees. We discount our fee to 29% if we can settle your personal injury claim without a lawsuit. That puts more money in your pocket rather than the attorney’s pocket. You still get the same great service from lawyers with 31 years experience and prior experience working for the other side–the insurance companies. You pay only if you win.

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We have 2 offices in Albuquerque–the Northeast Heights and the West Side but we handle cases throughout New Mexico and its pueblos and reservations.

Call (505) 883-5000 or visit our website at www.carusolaw.com or our blog at www.AlbuquerqueAccidentAttorney.blogspot.com for up to date information on your personal injury and wrongful death claims.


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