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Truck injuries can be devastating and the process to financial and physical recovery can be daunting so it pays to have an experienced St. Louis truck accident lawyer on your side. Collisions with a tractor-trailer can mean injuries and a long fight to establish cause and effects. Experienced St. Louis truck accident attorneys know the ins and outs of legal rights in those situations.

Truck accident lawyers in Missouri; Cofman Townsley Law Firm has provided successful representation to clients throughout Missouri and Illinois. Victims of truck accidents suffer a lot of pain, stress and duress. The entire professional staff at Cofman Townsley takes great pride providing quality one-on-one attention at all times to clients.

Navigating through the maze of regulation and legal issues requires a truck accident lawyer in St. Louis who knows how to proceed. This helps reduce the hassles and suffering associate with a sometimes arduous process involved in collecting damages and just benefits.

Accidents happen in the blink of an eye, yet can have a lifetime of consequences. Serious accidents can cause physical and psychological damage for years to come. They also result in extensive, and expensive, property damage along with affecting future wage earning potential. Accidents take place at all speeds and cause a wide variety of damage and injury. Even low speed truck crashes may result in pain and suffering. Truck accidents can result in death and require wrongful death claims.

Some leading services performed by Cofman Tonwsley St. Louis truck accident attorney include:

• Determining accident specifics along with evidence collection
• Handling all insurance company issues
• Filing claims even if the truck driver were uninsured
• Litigating issues if legal obligations are not met or negotiations fail

People suffering trauma, job and financial loss, and injury due shouldn’t be at the mercy of trucking company or drivers who caused the accident through speeding, negligence, or other reasons. Experienced truck injury lawyers know how to get proper redress for truck accidents.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2007 said some three-quarters of all fatalities in truck accidents in recent years were drivers and passengers in the other vehicles. One out of nine fatal car accidents involved trucks.

Should you be injured or a family member is killed in a serious truck-related accident, your next steps should involve the following:
• Don’t sign anything from an insurance company adjustor
• Don’t admit any liability or fault
• See a doctor of your choosing immediately
• Retain all injury reports for your records
• Call Cofman Townsley to aggressively handle issues

Cofman Townsley has a local focus and national reach. For more than 30 years, the firm has presented successful professional representation with a well-earned reputation for tough as nails litigators who work solely for clients. The firm’s experienced attorneys and professional staff leave no avenue unexplored when it comes to fighting for client’s rights

Besides truck accident law, Cofman Townsley represents clients in a number of legal issues. Those suffering pain or injuries from accidents require personal injury law experience and representation. Civil liability for slips and falls, workplace injuries, and injuries due to negligence must be addressed by seasoned professionals in the field.

We cut through the maze of regulations and procedures to mitigate long delays and inconveniences. Personal injury cases include redress for medical care, rehab, lost wages and future wages, property replacement, and mental suffering, pain, and physical discomfort. Allowing our professionals to handle the nitty gritty allows people to concentrate energy and focus on getting better and moving forward in their lives.

Other areas of firm expertise include:
• Auto Accidents
• Boating Accidents
• Producy Liability
• Envirnmental Hazards
• Slip and Fall
• Wrongful Death
• Social Security Disability
• Medical Malpractice

If you have been injured in a truck accident call, or have other legal needs, contact us today. No-obligation consultations are available from the trucking accident lawyer in St. Louis, Missouri should a truck accident with injuries occur.

Please call 314-282-9771 to schedule a free initial consultation. You can also visit www.cofmantownsley.com to learn more!
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St Pete Auto Accident Attorneys * After Hours * 24Hr * 24 Hour Attorneys * Florida

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