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Lost Income/Wages During Your Auto Injury Settlement- Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney

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Attorney, Brian Riley, discusses how you can get paid back for your lost income from work when involved in an auto accident- aka LOST WAGES.

3 quick examples of LOST WAGE:

1) Your car accident caused you to miss a few hours or even an entire day from work.

2) You have to leave work early for a chiropractic or physical therapy appointment.

3) You can no longer work because of your injury. Perhaps you’re a painter and you injured your shoulder.

3 Things you NEED to do in order to recover these wages:

1) Get a doctors note stating that you missed or are missing work due to the injury from the accident.

2) Signature from your supervisor stating that you missed time from work due to the accident. Click here to download our easy-to-follow LOST WAGES FORM:

3) Paystubs showing that you were not paid for the missed time for work.


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