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"Judge, Can I Show Jury This Photograph?" NY Car Accident Attorney Gerry Oginski Explains

“Judge, Can I Show the Jury This Photograph?”
NY Car Accident Attorney Gerry Oginski Explains

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During a car accident trial in New York, if I want to show a photograph to the jury, can I simply walk over to the jury box and hand the jurors a photograph?

Don’t I have to introduce that photograph into evidence first?
Does the witness have to authenticate that the photograph is accurate?
Do I have to show the photograph to my adversary first before I offer it into evidence?

Let’s say this is a car accident case where each driver claims that they have the green light. I want my client to get on the witness stand to be able to describe to the jury what the accident scene looked like. I want the jury to have a better and clearer understanding of where the traffic light was located and where the crosswalks were.

What better tool can I use than to show a photograph of where the accident happened?

Photographs are a wonderful way to show the jury, who clearly were not at the accident scene, exactly what it looked like on the day of the accident.

It gives the jury an opportunity to envision in their own minds what things looked like at that time.

Once the jury can see for themselves exactly what the place looked like, they will have a better understanding of the mechanics of how the accident occurred.

However, there are specific procedures that must be followed in order for me to get that photograph in front of the jury.

Specifically, I have to ask the court for permission to admit that photograph into evidence. The jury can only see the photograph if the court determines that I have met all the criteria necessary to authenticate and verify the information in the photograph is accurate and true.

If I am unable to do that, then I will likely not be able to use that photograph with the jury.

If, on the other hand, I am successful in getting the photograph admitted into evidence, then I can show the jury the photograph and have witnesses testify about what is contained within that photograph.

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