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Attorney John M. Phillips explains neck and spine injuries

http://www.floridajustice.com – Jacksonville, FL attorney John M. Phillips explains how neck and spine injuries happen and what initial steps those with neck and back injuries should take. The Law Office of John M. Phillips is an award winning personal injury and wrongful death law firm. Our lawyers personally meet with and walk through the claims and trial process with clients. Our attorneys have been featured on every major network and have won many awards. We are licensed in Florida, Georgia and Alabama. Find out more by contacting us at http://www.floridajustice.com. –

Our law firm was started in to be different- personal and compassionate. Since then, we have expanded from personal injury and wrongful death, to criminal defense and family law. We’ve won awards both in the industry and from local “best of” selections, have gotten multi-million dollar verdicts (while Good Morning America’s cameras rolled) and handled many cases which were of far less settlement value but meant just as much or more to our clients and us, as well as helping families through problems and divorce and those who were accused of crimes, like DUI, theft and more. John is board certified as an expert in civil trial law and we are here for you- (904) 444-4444 or by emailing help@floridajustice.com or visit our website at http://www.floridajustice.com.