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Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer | 267-422-2988

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No one ever expects to be in an accident but sadly you have been injured because of someone else’s negligence. You may be suffering from pain and serious bodily injury and this could be causing significant financial difficulties for you and your family. You probably are confused and have no idea what to do.

And sadly people will definitely try to take advantage of your situation. So call us at 267-422-2988 and let us help you. as Philadelphia car accident lawyers we specialize in personal injury and are quite familiar with your present situation. So let us help you.

More often than not people are intimidated by the insurance companies and will sign away whatever rights and financial compensation that you are rightfully entitled to. Call us at 267-422-2988 and let us deal with the insurance company for you.

As Philadelphia car accident lawyers and attorneys are job is to protect you.
We deal with insurance companies, claim adjusters, auto body shops, ambulance companies and hospitals each and every day. This is what we do. Let us speak to them and handle all of these different people and companies on your behalf. Your best interest is our number one concern.

There are a multitude of accidents that happen to people so here is a short list of the different type of accidents that work with:

1. Fatal accidents – Wrongful death claims – in loved one is killed in an accident.
2. Automobile accidents lawyers
3. Traumatic brain injuries attorneys
4. Drunk-driving accidents
5. Hit-and-run accidents
6. Pedestrian accidents
7. Workplace injuries
8. Slip-and-fall accidents lawyers
9. Construction accidents
10. Motorcycle accidents.
11. Bike accidents.
12. Boat accidents.
13. Defective helmet claims
14. Recreational accidents
15. Dog bites.
16. Animal attacks.
17. Fires or explosions
18. Truck, tractor-trailer, 18-wheeler, and semi-truck accidents
19. Three-wheeler, four-wheeler and ATV accidents
20. Drowning
21. Defective products, equipment and drugs (products liability)
22. Equestrian accidents
23. Work comp accidents.

As you can see we can assist you for any type of injury that you have sustained. Whether it is a car accident and you have whiplash or if you have lost a loved one in an accident (a family remember was killed) because of the negligence of someone else; we can help you.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they can take care of everything on their own but this is a huge mistake. Sadly most of the people who come to us have no idea of their rights and what they are entitled to. Luckily they came to us.

Our personal injury lawyers can help you with:

1. Appropriate financial compensation for your pain and suffering.
2. Recovering lost wages – income.
3. Getting the proper medical care.
4. Ensuring that if you need treatment for your injuries into the future that it will all be paid for.
5. Getting your vehicle fixed or being reimbursed for the true value of your vehicle.
6. Getting all of your prescription medications paid for.
7. Getting all of your medical bills paid for.
8. If your loved one has been killed in an accident we will make sure that you are compensated for expenses such as any hospital or medical services that might have been received, funeral expenses, compensation for the loss of future income and proper compensation for pain and suffering.

Even if you have limited tort we maybe able to help you because we are Philadelphia limited tort lawyers.

If you have any questions at all please call us. Many of our clients have told us that when the accident first happened they did not think that anything could be done but they picked up the phone and called us and we were able to help them.

Call us at 267-422-2988 For Your Free Consultation. Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer 267-422-2988

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We also help people that have been injured at work or on the job so we are great Philadelphia Work Comp Lawyers. We are also Philadelphia limited tort lawyers so we may be able to help you if you have limited tort even if another philadelphia Attorney tells you that you don’t have a case we may be able to help you.


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A Big List Of Advice For Personal Injury Case Success

Did you sustain a personal injury? Millions of individuals go through personal injury every year. Complicating the matter is the fact that lawsuits are often necessary to seek compensation. Keep these tips in mind when dealing with personal injuries.

Detail the injuries you suffered clearly. Be sure to note cuts, scrapes, bruises, broken bones and so on. Don’t forget to include any bruises and scrapes that you discover later on. You may also want to consider any mental and emotional damage you have suffered after the accident.

Check out online reviews of personal injury lawyers. Don’t just choose the lawyer on the television ad. You need to do research to find the best lawyer for your situation.

Before making a decision, learn about how big the firm is. If your personal injury case is for a large amount, you may want a large firm to handle it. Conversely, if you’re dealing with a smaller case, you probably don’t need to spend too much on getting a large firm to help.

If you are going to hire a lawyer, make sure you get a retainer agreement in place first. This will ensure that both parties are fully aware of what is expected and should lay out any and all fees in great detail. Set up a payment schedule through this agreement and ways to sever the attorney/client relationship if things don’t work out.

Make sure you inform the appropriate authorities when you suffer from a personal injury. Tell your supervisor if you’re ever hurt on the job. If you get injured when you’re driving or walking on the street because of an automobile, call an ambulance and the police when you need to.

A personal injury can be devastating. There are also legal issues to deal with after the injury. If you are in pain, you need to seek justice. Try using these tips to better your prep work for your own personal injury case.

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