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Personal Injury Calculator: How are the damages in a personal injury lawsuit calculated?


Sacramento personal injury lawyer Eric Ratinoff discusses the concept of the personal injury calculator, or “personal injury settlement calculator.”

What type of data gets considered in a personal injury lawsuit? How do personal injury settlements get determined? Eric answers these questions and explains what really matters in a personal injury settlement.

Eric Ratinoff is a partner at Sacramento personal injury law firm Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff. He has been successfully representing plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits for over twenty years. Eric also serves on the Board of Directors of the California Brain Injury Association (BIACAL) and Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC).

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Personal Injury Settlement Calculator | MI Accident Lawyers

Personal Injury Settlement Calculator | MI Accident Lawyers


Senior Partner and Attorney of the Southfield Michigan law firm of Goodman Acker explains what factors determine how much a personal injury case is worth in the State of Michigan. Many refer to this as the “personal injury settlement calculator.”

Acker uses a whiteboard that draws out several key factors in how to calculate an accident settlement.

“Although there is no set formula for determining how much a personal injury lawsuit will settle for, particularly in the early stages of the claim (investigation), there are some factors, such as the type of injuries suffered, that can help calculate what your accident claim is worth,” says Acker.

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