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Fry Law Corporation - Sacramento Personal Injury & Car Accident Attorney Video

Fry Law Corporation – Sacramento Personal Injury & Car Accident Attorney Video

If you have a bad personal injury lawyer, you automatically have a bad case.

Lawyers all say they are aggressive, but are they really?

The insurance companies know the answer to that question. The only way to make sure they take you seriously is having an attorney that will actually follow through and sue them.

The lawyers at Fry Law Corporation do just that. We aren’t afraid to file lawsuits to ensure our clients get paid what they deserve to get paid.

Very few attorneys actually do that.

Fry Law Corporation, truly aggressive representation.

Check out the personal injury attorneys at https://www.frylawcorp.com/sacramento-personal-injury — Christopher J. Fry was born to be an attorney. He began his career in the legal field at just 19 years old. He worked in law firms throughout his undergraduate and even law school. When he became an attorney, he was already 10 years ahead of the rest. His experience is so diverse that there aren’t many problems he can’t solve. He loves the law and loves happy clients even more.

Dealing with a car accident can be excruciating due to injuries. Sometimes the insurance company doesn’t take personal injury victims seriously. Let the personal injury lawyers and attorneys at Fry Law Corporation help guide you through the laws and advise you on your rights. If you’ve been injured then we have options for you that could be helpful in recovering your damages sustained in the auto accident. Fry Law Corporation 980 9th Street, 16th Floor Sacramento, CA 95814 (916) 291-0700

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