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What is My Case Worth?

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This video discusses how to evaluate the settlement value of a automobile or truck accident claim. If you ever walk into a lawyer’s office after an automobile accident and he or she tells you that your case is worth X amount, my advice is to get up, thank him for his time, and walk (or run) out of his office. In this lawyer’s opinion, he or she is not competent (or honest enough) to handle your personal injury claim. Lawyers do not have crystal balls. The value of a personal injury claim is dependent on numerous elements, some of which are easy to place a value on, some of which are more difficult to place a dollar figure on. Nobody knows what your case is worth until you have finished treatment and all elements of the damages described above can be identified and a reasonable value assigned to each element.
Once you finish treatment, the medical bills, lost wages, estimates on future medical bills, and tangible damages expenses represent your claim for “special damages.” Your claim also has an element of “general damages,” which are intangible, such as the mental pain stemming from shock and horror of being involved in a motor vehicle accident, the mental pain associated with being injured, the physical pain and suffering associated with the injuries, both past and future, and any permanent disability a claimant may have sustained. While lawyers can certainly provide you with experience on how much they have been able to obtain in other cases, it is impossible to calculate these damages early on in a personal injury claim. Typically, these damages can only be calculated once you achieve Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI). MMI occurs when you reach a point where your condition cannot be improved any further or when a treatment plateau in the healing process has been reached.
What is most important is for you or your lawyer to be able to articulate what your general damages are worth, both to you, the insurance adjuster, and potentially to a jury of your peers once you reach maximum medical improvement.

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