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Accident 2 — Third party reverses in to truck with camera.

The truck is completely blameless, it is simply puling in to conduct a delivery. The driver in the 4×4 vehicle reverses out without warning for no apparent reason, and then blames the truck for hitting the car in the rear. The driver of the 4×4 claims substantial damages which of course are completely fabricated. The estimate of savings through camera evidence is circa £10,000 and the claim can be settled in days instead of months.

The video footage contained within this website is not the sole property of Intelligent Telematics. The video footage serves to offer a visual presentation and representation of the typical evidence and images that can be captured with vehicle safety cameras. Whilst we have ensured to the best of our knowledge correct commentary on the footage, we cannot offer details on any insurance claim outcome. The commentary and views expressed with the video footage is that of Intelligent Telematics.