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Beware of Quick Settlement Offers

http://www.MortonLawyers.com Following an auto accident, motorcycle crash, trucking accident, bicycle crash, or pedestrian accident, the insurance company for the other side will want to settle your claim as fast as possible. If you have suffered a minor or major injury, it is critical that you understand why a quick settlement with the insurance company can hurt you down the road. Insurance companies have no shame—even visiting injured victims in hospitals to expedite settlements. They know that the sooner they get you to sign on the dotted line they will save themselves more money. This is because you may not know the extent of your injuries right away or realize that your injuries may prevent you from working and making an income. By accepting a quick settlement offer from the insurance company after a crash, you may not get the full compensation that you need and deserve. For help pursuing your personal injury claim to the fullest, don’t accept a quick settlement and do contact a skilled lawyer. You can reach an experienced injury attorney for a free consultation at the Morton Law Offices in Boise at 208.344.5555 or toll free at 888.716.8021 or online at http://www.mortonlawyers.com/contact.cfm .