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Not Obeying Doctors Orders Can Affect Your Personal Injury Settlement | Personal Injury Lawyer

Following an accident, you probably will have some types of injuries. And those injuries may require some type of medical treatment. It is important that you follow the orders given by your doctor in order to help


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Following an accident, you are probably going to have some type of injuries. As a result of those injuries you are going to want to get medical care and attention to treat those injuries. Some injuries might be very significant, others might be lesser. One of the things that you need to do no matter what whether you have serious injuries or not is to follow your doctors orders. Why do you go to the doctor? You go to the doctor for the purpose of getting treated so that you won’t have to experience as much pain and as many difficulties from your injuries. And if you follow the instructions from your doctor you have a higher probability of recovering from your injuries. That is the first thing. The second thing is by following your doctors order you are better prepared to present your case to the insurance company for compensation. What are they going to look at? They are going to say hey Mr. Smith, I see that you didn’t go to the doctor for three months. Yet your doctor said that you were supposed to come in twice a week for that same period. What is the insurance company going to believe at that point or the adjusters who are looking at your case. Well then your injuries are not as bad as your thought because you didn’t follow your doctors orders. So by not following doctors orders you can significantly negatively impact your case and the ability to recover damages from the insurance company because of the injuries. So make sure that you follow your doctors orders and discuss with your doctors all of the details about your injuries so that your doctor knows how to exactly document your injuries and how to treat them so that you can get better and back on your way again.