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How does Nova Scotia Minor Injury Cap affect my Halifax Nova Scotia car accident claim?

How does Nova Scotia’s “Minor Injury” Cap effect my Halfiax Nova Scotia car accident claim?

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If you have been injured in a car accident the other driver’s insurance adjuster may say you have a so-called “minor injury”. But what does that mean and what effect will it have on your compensation claim?

Nova Scotia has a law that places limits on the amount of compensation you are entitled to recover for your pain and suffering if your injury meets the definition of a “minor injury”.

The amount of the minor injury cap is $7,500.00. This amount has increased every year in accordance with inflation.

A minor injury is now defined as:

• A sprain;

• A strain;

• A “Whiplash Associated Disorder” injury category 1 or 2.

Whiplash Associated Disorder is a diagnosis used by the medical community to describe connective tissue or muscle related injuries that are caused by acceleration/deceleration trauma. This is usually referred to as a WAD injury.

There are four levels Whiplash Associated Disorder. Under the minor injury definition, if you have a WAD 1 or WAD 2 injury you are considered to have suffered a “minor injury”.

It is important for you and your doctor to know that WAD 3 and WAD 4 Injuries Not Capped!

A WAD 3 injury is whiplash that results in neurological signs (for example reduced or missing deep tendon reflexes, weakness, loss of feeling).

A WAD 4 injury is any fracture or dislocation to your spine.

Even if you suffer a sprain, strain or WAD 1 or 2 injury that appears to be capped, your claim won’t be limited if your injury results in a “serious impairment”.

So what is a serious impairment?

Serious impairment is defined under the Nova Scotia law as a substantial inability to perform any or all of the following:

• The essential duties of your regular employment;

• The essential tasks of your training or education;

• The normal activities of your daily living.

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