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Is 35% a normal attorney fee for a Missouri Car Accident Settlement?

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Hi there. This is Springfield personal injury attorney Jason Krebs, and it today’s video, I thought we’d answer a question, we’ve received a couple of these from phone calls here recently, and the question is, is 35-36% or more a normal attorney’s fee to settle a car accident case?

The short answer to that is no. In Missouri, that is considered fairly high. Most lawyers are charging 25% to take a car accident case. We don’t escalate up. We start at 25% and we stay at 25% even if we have to file suit on most cases. Now, complicated trucking cases, it may be more than that, but generally it’s 25% for a simple car accident case.

There are some lawyers that advertise a 10% fee, and that’s if the case settles early, which sometimes … there’s a lot of things that go into that, and so you need to read the fine print on those. But 35-36% before filing suit on a car accident case, that would be considered very high in Missouri, in my opinion.

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