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You Can’t SEE PAIN On An X-Ray! New York Car Accident Attorney Gerry Oginski Explains

You Can’t SEE Pain On An X-ray
New York Car Accident Attorney Gerry Oginski Explains
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The x-ray was ‘normal’.
There were no fractures.
Yet you still had pain.

Lots of pain.
Back pain.
Arm pain.

Leg pain.
Pain that didn’t go away with heat.
Pain that didn’t go away with ice.

Pain that didn’t go away with pain killers.
Not with advil.
Not with Tylenol.

Not with stronger pain meds either.
Yet the defense lawyer kept harping on your ‘normal’ x-ray.
“How could you be in so much pain if your x-ray was normal?” he wanted to know.

He kept insinuating to the jury that because your x-ray was normal, there’s no possible way you should be in this much pain.

He didn’t get it.
He didn’t understand.
He didn’t recognize that you can still have significant back, leg and body pain without having any fracture.

You could have neurological injury.
You could suffer neurological trauma.
You could suffer damage to the nerves that impact your mobility.

He didn’t get it.
The point is that YOU CAN’T SEE PAIN ON AN X-RAY.
It’s that simple.

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