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What is the Value of Your Personal Injury Case? | by Ron Miller

What is the value of your personal injury case? Real answers to figure out how much money your tort case is worth. Discussion applies to Maryland cases but much can be extrapolated to tort claim anywhere.

People who have been badly hurt or lost a loved one typically have larger concerns then money. But at some point, you want justice. The civil justice system only provides monetary compensation to bring about justice. So money is what every personal injury is — and should be — about.

So it is fair question to ask what every client wants to know: how much is my case going to be worth? This video explains the “formula” insurance companies, defense lawyers, judges and juries use when trying to figure out how much money should be awarded (or offered in a out-of-court settlement).

So the purpose of this video is to give victims and other lawyers real information as to just how personal injury claims are valued for settlement.

Written by Ron Miller
http://www.millerandzois.com 800-553-8082.