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$260K Uber Car Accident Settlement (Back Pain and Injury)

$260K Uber Car Accident Settlement (Back Pain and Injury)

See how an Uber driver got a $260,000 settlement for a back injury. This is the only video on Youtube that I’ve seen that discusses the actual amount for an Uber accident settlement.

The crash happened in Miami, Florida. This was a left hand turn T-bone car accident.

The Uber driver had a fracture of the lamina of his T3 vertebra. The T3 lamina is located above his lower back.

The Uber driver did not have surgery. Learn why he wasn’t entitled to PIP insurance with James River Insurance Company.

You’ll see why the majority of the settlement was for his pain and suffering.

I explain how I got Molina Medicaid to pay his $99,000 hospital bill.
(They refused to pay it at first.)

CNA (American Insurance Company of Reading, Pennsylvania) insured the at fault driver. CNA paid the $260K Settlement.

I discuss Uber insurance coverage, Uber uninsured motorist insurance and more.

This is a big personal injury settlement for not having surgery. As a reference, in 15 of my 16 biggest injury settlements, my client had surgery.

I was the Uber driver’s attorney. My office is in Coral Gables, Miami-Dade County, Florida.

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