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What if You Embarrass Defense Attorney During Settlement Negotiations? Attorney Oginski Explains

Is It Ever Ok to Embarrass Defense Attorney During Settlement Negotiations? NY Attorney Gerry Oginski Explains
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This may sound like a bizarre question. But it’s not.

There are many instances during the course of lawsuit where you may feel you have the strong upper hand. You may feel like gloating. You may feel superior.

In that instance, is it ever acceptable to gloat over your adversary or his case? Is it ever acceptable to embarrass your opponent in front of his client or his insurance company?

If you want to maintain any type of working relationship, the answer is no.

If you embarrass your adversary, he will lose trust and respect for you. Your settlement negotiations are built upon some type of working relationship and trust. If you intentionally destroy that by embarrassing him, he will hold it against you.

If you do that intentionally, you actually harm your client’s chances of trying to resolve their case favorably.

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