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Shawn McCann Discusses $3.1 Million Verdict In Burn Case

Trail attorney Lauren Horwitz and Shawn McCann of BD&J, obtained a $3.1 Million verdict in favor of his client. The Plaintiff suffered severe burns to his lower extremities from an unexpected propane explosion.

In this video case study, Shawn McCann discusses how he retained MotionLit to produce a 3D Animation Reconstruction and Settlement Documentary which helped explain the accident and damages in a comprehensive and visually engaging way.
Take a look at some of our animation samples and video testimonials below to see why our clients choose MotionLit for all of their trial support needs.

Fatal Motorcycle Crash from Illegal Freeway Intersection Change Animation

Radial Head Implant Surgery Animation

Tom Feher $4.2 Million Verdict Using MotionLit Visuals Video Trial Support https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRc0BUI5ZTE

MotionLit is a one-stop-shop for litigators, offering complete trial services from video production, animation, litigation support, exhibit design, trial technician, and video depositions. Our visuals have proven to help attorneys obtain record-breaking verdicts with our persuasive trial presentations, settlement documentaries, and demonstratives.

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