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Injured in/by an Uber or Lyft? Can I sue for a million dollars?

Someone injured by or in a Lyft or Uber can often obtain a lawsuit settlement or judgment of $1 million or more. In this video, our personal injury lawyers explain.

Uber and Lyft are California’s two most prominent ride-sharing companies. Technically known as “Transportation Network Companies” or “TNCs,” ride sharing companies in California are regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and the California Public Utilities Code. Among other things the code:

Sets forth minimum California auto insurance requirements for ride-sharing drivers (with limits of at least $1,000,000 while passengers are in the vehicle), and
Requires ride-sharing services to conduct background checks of drivers.1
People who are victims of accidents or crimes by Lyft or Uber drivers have a number of potential remedies, including:

Uber and Lyft accident lawsuits.
Suing for an assault or battery by an Uber or Lyft driver or passenger, and
Lawsuits for sexual assaults by Uber or Lyft drivers.
Additionally, drivers who are injured while driving for a TNC or believe their working conditions were violated can file a California wage and hour lawsuit against Uber or Lyft.

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This is a 360 review of Lyft, & Uber car accidents injuries in Los Angeles Burbank & Pasadena where many passengers and drivers get injured Unlike standard taxi firms, Uber, and Lyft use motorists using their very own private vehicles to transfer passengers from location to location. The autos will not be marked, although Lyft uses a pink mustache that is visible on the front side of all vehicles utilized in conjunction with their service. , such peer-to peer, car services have come under fire from some groups, especially from taxi owners and drivers who’re obligated by law to pay specific fees and submit to reviews and testing.

In the peer-to-peer, model, those in need of a ride log into the Über or Lyft program and locate the closest willing motorist. All fares are paid throughout the program with no cash changes hands. Claiming they’re only matching motorists that are willing with those looking for rides, the firms avoid most for hire regulations and laws. What Happens When There Is an Injury? What occurs when Lyft motorist or an Über passenger sustains an injury? Insurance, car accident fault and settlement are matters of law for taxi firms that are conventional. Both vehicles and motorists are licensed and controlled through the municipality or the state.

There are insurance conditions imposed upon taxi owners and drivers, and there are taxi special laws regulating car accident fault, settlement and insurance.

Recent legislation has improved what was and remains in certain areas the Wild West. While both Über and Lyft take insurance that uses when passengers are accepted by motorists throughout the service, the insurance is most of the time secondary to their motorists own private insurance contract.

Also, you will find serious problems relating to damages and insurance that appear when Lyft motorist or an Über, are driving but not taking a passenger. Attorney Elia C has handled numerous cases involving Lyft and Uber driver and passengers that have been injured and guides the viewer through this complex process

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How to Sue Uber and Lyft in Florida for Personal Injuries

How to Sue Uber and Lyft in Florida for Personal Injuries

Read more here: https://www.floridainjurylawyer-blog.com/2017/07/consulting-with-a-lyft-car-accident-lawyer.html

what happens when passengers get into accidents while in an UBER or LYFT vehicles? can they make a claim? The short answer is, yes, but as always it depends on who caused the accident.

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Lyft Accident Settlement Amounts, Claims and Insurance (2018)

Get tips on Lyft accident claims and settlements. You’ll hear about my real $70K settlement that a Lyft passenger received for a Miami Beach crash. He was one of my clients.

Learn about our experience with Lyft’s insurer, and how they stack up against other auto insurers and Uber. Find out mistakes to avoid that can kill the value of a Lyft accident claim or lawsuit.

See which insurance pays for Lyft passengers, and others, after an accident.

Update September 21, 2018: Lyft has changed insurance companies. For example, in Florida, Lyft now uses Greenwich Insurance Company. Greenwich is part of AXA XL. I don’t know if York Risk Services is handling Lyft claims for Greenwich Insurance Company.

Also, as of September 21, 2018, Lyft has lowered its uninsured motorist insurance limit when a driver is engaged in a ride. Lyft’s new uninsured motorist insurance limit is $250,000 per accident. It used to be $1 million per accident.

I wrote this article on Lyft accident settlements, claims and insurance. http://www.justinziegler.net/lyft-passenger-claim/

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