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Jury Awards $17 Million for Low-Speed Rear-End Collision Case – Robert Simon Testimonial

A Los Angeles Superior Court jury awarded a $17 million verdict in favor of our client – Robert Simon and Greyson Goody of The Simon Law Group. The case involved a low-speed rear-end collision. The defendant was driving and realized too late, that he was about to strike the stopped car in front of him that was occupied by the plaintiff. The defendant slammed on his brakes but still collided with the plaintiff at approximately 15 mph. The plaintiff was shook up but at first appeared to not suffer any significant injury. However, the next day, the plaintiff was experiencing significant pain in his head, arms, shoulders, and back. He first saw a chiropractor, but eventually had to consult with doctors and had multiple MRI’s performed.

The plaintiff received epidural injections to relieve his pain but eventually had to have three surgical procedures performed on his neck and back. The plaintiff indicated he still currently is experiencing pain and will likely need more surgical procedures in the future.

For Robert’s trial, MotionLit Services provided all the trial technology, including demonstratives, video editing, exhibit boards, slides and performed the hot seat operator/technician work.

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