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What are some common back injuries after a car accident?

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In this video, Atlanta personal injury lawyer Gary Martin Hays talks about the different types of back injuries that are caused by car accidents and how they are diagnosed.

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Here is a recap of this video:
What do we need to show that the defendant is at fault for causing the wreck 0:17
Human spine is divided into 5 sections 0:57
Bulging Disc Injury 1:49
Types of Symptoms 2:23
How do you diagnose these injuries 3:00
What types of testing are needed? 3:09
Treatment plans 3:46
Types of Surgery 5:01
Need more information? 5:28


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What are some common causes of brain injuries?

What are some common causes of brain injuries?
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Brain injuries, typically, people think are caused by trauma, where you may have a blow to the head. Then, of course, as a result of the blow to the head, you may have some type of internal bleeding. You may not have internal bleeding, but people generally think of it as a blow to a head. However, you can also have whiplash-type injuries that result in the brain moving backwards and forwards. Sometimes, in children, that can result in brain injury, and the elderly, with fragile brains, that can result in a brain injury. Brain injuries can also occur from carbon monoxide, from various types of chemicals that you may take into your body, that result in oxygen being deprived to your brain, that result in a brain injury. Brain injuries can result from not receiving oxygen during an operation.

Brain injuries can have many mechanisms that cause the injury, in addition to a traumatic blow, and so whenever you have an event where a person has a brain injury, hire an attorney, because the mechanism of injury is important to identify because the mechanism of injury may be the person, or company, that caused your injury, and you may be entitled to compensation for that.

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Florida Personal Injury Lawyer – The Most Common Injuries From Traffic Accidents

Florida Personal Injury Attorney Steve Kramer explains The Most Common Injuries From Traffic Accidents


Florida personal injury attorney Steve Kramer talks about two very serious medical injuries which can occur as a result of car accidents that many people don’t understand.

After you’ve been involved in a car accident, you may experience quite a few different injuries, such as bruising, lacerations, aching pain, broken arms and legs – And these are just some of the minor ones.

More serious problems such as herniated discs or brain injuries can also be a result of a car accident. A herniated or bulging disc is a spinal injury that can cause pain and discomfort. These injuries can develop into much more serious conditions requiring spinal surgery and spinal fusion. Another possibility is brain trauma. Brain injuries are just now really coming to light as we learn more and more about traumatic brain injuries. However, these injuries can have devastating and long-term effects for patients, even those who seemed to have suffered only minor injuries in the beginning. Watch the video now to learn more.

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