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Accident lawyer | serious personal injury attorneys | wrongful death accident lawyers | Atlanta truck accident lawyer

Looking for a personal injury lawyer for your serious bodily injury or wrongful death case? Seeking a Georgia truck accident attorney in Atlanta to litigate your case? Veteran accident lawyer and injury attorney William C. Head want to help you obtain a recovery that matches the harm or loss suffered from a highway accident. If Mr. Head, an Atlanta truck accident lawyer, accepts your case, you get TWO personal injury lawyers with decades of courtroom litigation experience for the price of one. The checklist below explains the value of TWO seasoned serious personal injury lawyers overseeing and diligently pursuing your case.

Many variables go into determining which accident, bodily injury, pharmaceutical negligence, defective product liability or medical malpractice lawyer is best suited as your lead counsel for a wrongful death, fatal accident or serious bodily injury case. Some of the key factors important to consider include:
1. The record of litigation and settlement wins by the personal injury lawyer in similar cases. For example, if the wrongful death or serious bodily injury in your case is from the defective manufacture of a pharmaceutical product, or a minivan rear door safety feature, and this undisclosed problem leads to a death or disfigurement, has the attorney that you are considering hiring gone to trial with any such catastrophic injury cases or settled a case for an 8-figure amount (over $10 million)?
2. Can the personal injury lawyer reveal documented successes for prior clients in similar litigation cases?
3. What is the trial lawyer’s reputation for communication and advocacy, while following the established ethical rules of conduct required for accident-injury attorneys to follow?
4. Has the attorney obtained law practice industry recognition in the field of civil litigation, meaning has he or she conducted TRIALS or obtained large settlements that resulted in substantial compensation awards in previous catastrophic loss cases?
5. When you complete the meeting with the prospective attorney, put yourself in the position of a potential trial juror hearing this case and ask yourself, “Does this attorney possess the poise, the skills of persuasion and the overall personal excellence that I want from my courtroom advocate, if this case must be litigated?”

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Don’t look for these affiliated attorneys’ profiles on Mr. Head’s website. Why is that? Mr. Head does not list any lead trial lawyer names here for three important reasons: (1) Mr. Head’s office first verifies that each incoming case qualifies as being a serious bodily injury (or wrongful death) case, from a defective product, harmful drug, highway truck accident, or car accident. Mr. Head has agreed to NOT release the names of the busy personal injury lawyers and defective product attorney with whom he is associated until the cases are screened by Mr. Head. (2) These lead counsel litigation attorneys cannot take the time to screen every call. If they did this, it would take away time from their trial preparation. (3) Once a case is vetted by Mr. Head to “qualify” the case as the suitable SERIOUS case – Mr. Head will typically narrow the search down to no more than three injury and accident lawyers. Once the candidate to be lead counsel is decided, Mr. Head will join with him or her as part of your TWO LAWYER team.

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