Personal Injury Lawyer Richard Griffin discusses 2.5 million settlement on AutoScoop – Part 1

Personal injury attorney Richard Griffin Of The Griffin Law Firm answers the following personal injury questions:
(1) What to do if you are in a motor vehicle accident?
(2) How does The Griffin Law Firm help their personal injury clients put their lives back together after an accident?
(3) What damages can you recover for in personal injury and wrongful death claims?
(4) What is Pain and Suffering and how can Attorney Richard Griffin help recover more for his clients?
(5) Can medical damages include future treatment costs?
(6) What are catastrophic Injuries and do they result in higher settlements?
(7) How did Attorney Richard Griffin obtain a 2.5 Million Dollar personal injury jury verdict for his client?
(8) What are punitive damages and how can I get them?
(9) Should I hire an attorney even if my injuries are minor?
(10) How can I get a free consultation about my personal injury, worker’s compensation, wrongful death, and social security disability claim?

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