NY Car Accident Results in Death…How Much Time Does Family Have to File a Lawsuit?

NY Car Accident Results in Death…How Much Time Does the Surviving Family Have to File a Lawsuit?
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The tragedy just occurred. A family member was involved in a terrible car wreck resulting in his death.

You want to know a simple answer to a simple question.

“How much time do the surviving family members have to bring a lawsuit for wrongful death against the careless driver here in New York?”

As of today, June 27, 2014, the short answer is that you would have only two years from the date of his death within which to bring a lawsuit against the careless driver and the owner of that car.

If the car crash involved a bus or truck or other vehicle that was owned by a municipality, a village or a town, the time frame is much less. In those instances, you will likely first have to file something called a “notice of claim” to put that municipality on notice of a potential lawsuit.

Then, you would also have a limited time in which to file a lawsuit after you file a notice of claim.



Despite the fact that I’ve just told you what the time limit is generally to file a lawsuit for the death of someone involved in a car accident case in New York, you should know that you should NEVER, EVER rely on the time frame I just told you about or read about online or watched in my video or anybody else’s video.

Why is that?

The basic reason is that the time frame can change by the time you read the description above or watch my video. From time to time, the New York State Legislature changes time limits in which injured victims have to file a lawsuit.

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This particular time, mentioned above, is valid only as of today June 27, 2014, the date this video was created and uploaded.

However, you may be watching this video one day later or months later or even years later, and you ** cannot ** rely on that same information.

Instead, you must speak to an experienced attorney who handles these cases on a daily basis in order to determine exactly whether your matter is still timely. Only then can you make an educated decision about what your options are and what you need to do next in order to move forward with a valid case.

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