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Have you recently been injured in a car accident in Missouri?

There is a Missouri car accident attorney(s) at the law offices of Cofman Townsley who stands ready to assist victims of negligent car accidents. A Missouri car accident lawyer such as found at Cofman Townsley will work with you, the victim, or a loved one suffering from injuries resulting from a car accident. This Mo car accident lawyer will stand by their client through the process of financial recovery from negligent car accidents.

There can be untold damages from a negligent driver causing a car accident. These damages can be physical, emotional and financial and always require the expertise of a car accident lawyer in Missouri to sort through the facts and build a strong case for their client, in order to recoup financial compensations from damages.

This Missouri injury lawyer knows what is involved in a negligent car accident and how it affects the victim. Financial losses can be loss of vehicle, loss of job, hospital bills, doctor bills, medicine bills, and after care costs to the victim. These car accident lawyers helps clients work through the judicial system and makes sure their client receives all that they deserve in compensation costs.

Once the client hires a Missouri car accident attorney through Cofman Townsley, this Missouri injury lawyer will stand with and by that client through the judicial process, making sure compensations are awarded for their losses, as our high success rate for helping victims in need span over the last 30-years.

Defending the rights of injured victims for over 30 years is the expertise of the lawyers at Cofman Townsley. All it takes is one careless driver displaying negligent behavior on the road to change the life of any innocent victim. Our injury lawyers at Cofman Townsley believe that victims of these careless acts by negligent drivers not suffer in vein. We are the victim’s advocate to right a driver’s irresponsibility on the road when it causes the victim pain and suffering.

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Even though we cannot recoup the time, the pain and the suffering a victim goes through no fault of his or her own, we work hard for compensation for the victim. We work for victims and will stay by their side until the conclusion of their case.
Too many car accident victims have poor to no representation from wrongful car accidents. Cofman Townsley will fight for their client’s rights as a victim to get to them what they rightfully deserve.

Our staff of dedicated lawyers handles a number of legal issues in addition to assisting car accident victims. We handle cases involving boating accidents, brain injury, defective medical devices dog bites, drug injury, drunk driving accidents, nursing home abuse, slip and fall, truck accidents, Veterans benefits, worker’s compensations cases, environmental dangers, wrongful death cases and much more.

These seasoned lawyers at Cofman Townsley pride themselves as an educational center, helping to keep clients in the loop, and knowledgeable while defending the client’s right for compensation due them for a wrongful act causing injury.
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Our staff of dedicated lawyers stands ready to receive a call to action and get to work for the client. Please know that the first initial consultation is free. Call us today at (314)-499-8232 and set up an appointment at Cofman Townsley for a free consult or visit our company website at www.cofmantownsley.com today, where our dedicated lawyers represent the victim injured through negligent conduct.

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