Injured in an Auto Accident? Contact the 10.0 Lawyers of Portner & Shure Today!

Injured in an Auto Accident? Contact the 10.0 Lawyers of Portner & Shure Today!

Car accidents happen every day. Not everyone’s first thought immediately after a car accident is to hire an attorney to get compensation for injuries sustained in the crash. That may be a mistake.
If you suffer injuries in a car accident, it is important that information about all the drivers involved is documented, either by police or by you, and that you seek medical attention for your injuries
The best time to contact a personal injury attorney is within hours or days of the accident. One of the factors that results in decreasing the value of auto accident claims maybe the actions you take within 48 hours of the accident. The sooner you hire an attorney after the accident, the sooner you can receive counseling on how to best proceed in your case and avoid common pitfalls. These include delaying proper treatment and talking directly to the liability carrier.
If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, don’t delay and call Portner & Shure today. We’re the 10.0 lawyers. Look us up, then you’ll hire us.

Maryland and Virginia personal injury attorneys recovers over $11 Million dollars each year for the injured accident victim. Insurance companies know which lawyers will fight. Our reputation results in more money in your pocket. Don’t delay, call today for a complimentary case review.

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