How To Get Maximum Compensation In Chicago Personal Injury Cases

Getting Top Dollar In Chicago Personal Injury Lawsuits: Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers

Money: The End Goal of Personal Injury Lawsuits

Every year, millions of Americans suffer personal injury caused by the negligence, carelessness or recklessness of another person or entity. In many incidences, the victim’s injuries and damages are extensive, requiring ongoing care and rehabilitation.

Our legal system is set up to hold those responsible for causing harm accountable for their actions to make things “right” again. However, the only option of recourse offered by all parties at fault is limited to providing financial compensation for personal injury cases.

Legally, negligence is recognized as failing to use reasonable care, which results in harming another. There are two specific types of negligence under Illinois tort law. These include any action a reasonable individual would not do, and failing to take actions a reasonable individual would perform to prevent harm.

Because America is becoming an increasingly litigious society, pursuing a claim for personal injury financial recompense has gotten a bad rap. While it is true that the end goal of a personal injury lawsuit is to obtain money, most individuals would gladly give up their lawsuit in favor of restoring their health, condition and damages to where they were before the accident or incident occurred.

Financial compensation for personal injury cases provides peace of mind to the suffering victim and their family. The recompense offers comfort and much needed money to pay off debt and recoup losses directly associated with the accident or incident.

There is a vast array of personal injury lawsuits based on theories of negligence, when others have caused harm to victims. Some of these include:

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• Vehicle accidents
• Slip and fall incident
• Wrongful death
• Medical malpractice
• Premises liability claim when injured on another’s property
• Motorcycle accident
• Boating accident
• Commercial truck collision
• Nursing home neglect
• Birth injury
• Inadequate security

Determining the Value of the Injury

It is essential to determine the value of the victim’s injuries accurately to ensure they receive adequate compensation throughout the remainder of their life. A skilled attorney who specializes in personal injury claims will base the value of the case on four specific factors including:

1. The kind of injury the victim suffered
2. The kind of treatment already received and required in the future
3. The amount of loss including missed earnings, medical bills and financial expenses associated with the incident
4. The amount of pain, suffering, anguish and discomfort the injury produces

Calculating the value of the claim is often based on the length of time required to fully recover, or on the permanency of the injuries involved. Many times, victims suffer residual injuries including brain damage, lost limbs, torn tendons, broken bones and scarring. In many claims, it may take years to fully comprehend the amount of damage caused by the incident, especially when the victim is exposed to harmful toxins, or suffers from some medical error.

Often times, injured victims filing personal injury claims seek compensation for disruptions of their normal life, which often produces an emotional impact on their quality of living. The accident or incident might take away the ability to continue working or going to school, or limit the capacity to enjoy life as before.

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The Bottom Line

Because obtaining money is crucial to the success of a personal injury claim, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers develop strong cases to ensure their clients receive adequate recompense. Our skilled attorneys go to great length to determine the impact of the injury on your life to value your claim accurately.

The impact of being injured through the negligence of another can never be underestimated. The amount we work to obtain in your case ensures that you are covered adequately for your loss of earnings, time away from work, and diminished capacity to live life to the fullest.

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