How the litigation process works in a personal Injury case

Our firm will take you through personal injury litigation process. Though filing a personal injury lawsuit in New Jersey can be a complex process, we’re dedicated to helping you through each step.

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How the litigation process works in a personal Injury case .
Let’s look at the stages of pursuing compensation for an injury or wrongful death.

1. Attorney Consultations
An experienced personal injury lawyer will listen to your situation and discuss possible claims.

2. Negotiations
A qualified lawyer can negotiate with an insurance company or individual to secure proper compensation for personal injuries
3. Initial Court Filings
A lawsuit begins with the filing a “complaint,” which is the paperwork to start your personal injury lawsuit.

4. The Discovery Process
In this phase, the legal claims on both sides are investigated, documents are requested, and witnesses are asked make statements called depositions.

5. Motions
A motion is essentially a legal request, which asks the court to rule on a specific subject.

6. Settlements
Personal injury lawsuits are often settled before trial. A legal settlement means both parties in the case reach a


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