How much money will I get for my motorcycle accident settlement

John Whitfield is a personal injury attorney in Nashville. In this video he explains factors which will affect how much money you will get for a motorcycle accident lawsuit. If you have additional questions you may post them in the comments section below the video or visit her online at

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Transcription of content:
– We’re with Jonathan Whitfield. John is a personal injury attorney in Nashville, Tennessee, and he’s agreed to answer an online question related to motorcycle accidents. This one specifically, well this question was actually from David. David asks, he wants to know, “How much money can I expect to get “from my motorcycle accident?”

– Well, thanks David. As you can tell by what I’m wearing I’m in a motorcycle club. I’ve been riding my whole life. I’ve been in the motorcycle club for a good while and I know how to ride and I know basically what you could expect in situations like this. I’ve gone down on a bike myself, and I have prosecuted cases for people that ride bikes all across the country, and here’s basically what you get. Each case is specific to the facts, depending upon how much damage is incurred to your bike, how much damage is incurred to you, what type of person or entity that actually hit you. What the facts are. So, again it’s all fact-specific, but you’re entitled to about three to four different things. The first thing you’re entitled to are your medical bills. If you are hurt as a result of an accident in a motorcyle case, you’re entitled to the medical bills that you have incurred because of that accident. You’re also entitled to any future medical bills that you may incur as a result of being harmed in a motorcycle accident. Second thing you’re entitled to, are lost wages. If you work somewhere and if you are permanently or even temporarily off work for a certain amount of time, you are entitled to your lost wages for that. The third thing that you’re entitled to is something called “pain and suffering”, and anybody that rides a bike knows full well that when you go down it hurts. You’re going to have road rash, maybe road rage too, but you’re gonna have road rash for sure at a minimum, and from there it just gets worse. There’s gonna be significant pain and suffering when you go down on a bike as opposed to being in a car. So, those three things that in a general sense are what you’re gonna get. You’re gonna get medical bills, past and future, you’re gonna get lost wages, past and future, you’re gonna get pain and suffering. If the accident was caused by somebody that really was reckless, for example if you’re hit by a drunk driver or something like that, you also might get something we call “punitive damages”. Punitive damages means punishment damages for money to punish somebody for their reckless or wrongful behavior. It’s very rare, but it happens. So, those things are what you’re entitled to if you’re involved in a motorcycle accident. So the number depends, okay, but those categories are what you get.

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– Excellent. Well, if you any other questions for John just post them in the comments section below and he’s agreed to answer your questions for you. So, thanks John.

– You’re very welcome.


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