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In this video, How Long Does A Car Accident Case Take? Attorney Ken Lanier answers, How Long Does A Car Accident Case Take?.

TRANSCRIPT: I’m often asked, “How long will the legal process take?” It depends. The legal process can take anywhere from 6 months to years down the road. One of the tricks of the insurance company is to kind of delay this process, allow it to play out, for you to get healthy, and maybe not worry so much about that claim.

So, the insurance company will try to delay it. But, we fight for you and try to advocate on your behalf. If you’ve been in an accident, the number one thing is to make sure you return back to maximum health. We want to make sure that you’re healthy and that you’ve recovered from all of your injuries. So, after that takes place, we begin to advocate for you on your behalf and we make sure to expedite and speed up that process so that it’s not delayed and you’re able to get the value you deserve for your case.

Whether the case goes to mediation or litigation, that all will impact the time. My goal is to make sure you recover and get you your results as soon as possible.

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