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Erin was injured in a motor vehicle accident. She was stopped at an intersection when she was unexpectedly rear-ended (struck from behind). As a result of this accident, she suffered injuries that required medical treatment and prevented her from performing her work. The act of negligent by the other driver caused Erin pain and suffering. She contacted Attorney Joseph Vendetti, an experienced Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney, to learn her rights and pursue legal action against the other driver. Attorney Vendetti was able to explain to her what her rights were, and was able to get her compensated for her injuries. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle or car accident as the result of another person’s negligence, contact Attorney Joseph Vendetti to ensure you get compensated for your injuries. The consultation is free, and he charges no legal fees unless you reach a settlement of your claim. Get compensated for your injuries, call 814-866-COMP.

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