Do most Texas truck accident cases go to trial?

Do most Texas truck accident cases go to trial?

Do most Texas truck accident cases go to trial?
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In Texas, the number of cases that go to trial is really an issue of the liability in the case, the willingness of the insurance company to pay what’s a reasonable settlement for that client. And so, trucking cases that may or may not go to trial is determined by a multitude of facts, but the one most important fact is being prepared for trial. If your attorney is ready for trial and has done everything necessary to win that case the best they can, there’s more of a probability that the case could get resolved. And if the case doesn’t get resolved, that means the attorney has a better chance in the courtroom of trying to win that case. In Texas, sometimes, cases get settled. Oftentimes, they get settled, but we’re always prepared to try those cases at my law firm, and we’ve successfully tried those cases, and we successfully have resolved those cases. Whether it’s a 35 million-dollar settlement, a million-dollar settlement, a 10 million-dollar settlement, we’ve done it year in and year out for decades.

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