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If you have suffered an injury in the Columbia, Missouri area, you need the help of a qualified Personal Injury lawyer. Cofman Townsley is a Personal Injury Law Firm serving Columbia and the state of Missouri and southern Illinois that lauds over 30 years of expertise. If you are injured in an automobile accident, workplace accident or any other accident through no fault of your own, you could be entitled to legal compensation. You need to be aware of your rights. A Columbia personal injury attorney who is well versed in the entire process of injury claims can be your best asset in this situation. Cofman Townsley boasts some of the most caring and dedicated Columbia, MO personal injury lawyers who work diligently to build a solid case on your behalf.

If you suffer pain, loss of wages or medical bills resulting from automobile accidents, boat or motorcycle accidents, slip and falls or even assault due to the negligence of others, Personal injury lawyers are highly skilled to aid in maximizing your recovery. Statistics show that clients recover as much as 3 ½ more in settlements when represented by an attorney instead of filing claims without representation. When you rely on the reputable services at Cofman Townsley, you are guaranteed to work one on one with a qualified Personal Injury attorney Columbia and surrounding areas have depended on for decades.

Many times the stress and burden of recovery are so overwhelming that you can’t fully focus on the legalities of your rights amidst all the turmoil. You may not even be aware that injuries or losses suffered from medical malpractice, wrongful death, product deficiencies or even dog bites all fall under the umbrella of personal injury. Physical or emotional injury that you suffer at the hands of a second party may be grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit. Regardless of the complications resulting in your injury, Cofman Townsley Personal Injury Law firm assures you are matched with the appropriate Injury lawyer in Missouri to help build a strong case for you.

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Oftentimes the injury or loss suffered in negligence cases cause great frustration. You shouldn’t have to compound that by dealing with frustrating insurance companies. A trusted personal injury attorney can help ease those burdens. From the moment you call or make contact through our website, your case is handled by a qualified lawyer who sees you through all the paperwork and often red tape associated with dealing with insurance companies. Our 30 year successful track record reflects our abilities to work hard for you to ensure your recovery is less stressful. A Personal injury attorney Columbia, MO is readily available to discuss details of your claim with you. Instead of sitting and suffering or coping with pain, call or log on today to schedule a free consultation.

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