Choosing The Right Attorney  - A Client Testimonial - Florida Personal Injury

Choosing The Right Attorney – A Client Testimonial – Florida Personal Injury | A Client’s Personal Story | Pursuing Justice For The Injured With a Health-First Mindset | Eltringham Law Group

Hear from Andres, a client of ELG who was involved in a serious car accident in Florida, and why he is thankful for choosing the Eltringham Law Group. The personal injury attorneys at ELG were not only there to help him in the office, but at his bedside after surgery.

Experiencing a variety of injuries and in extreme pain, Andres didn’t know what to do. He was referred to ELG because recovering from his injuries was most important to him. The personal injury attorneys at ELG allowed Andres to focus on his recovery and health while they pursued the legal justice and compensation he deserved. Andres states that his “health is priceless,” and that is the very mindset on which ELG operates – making your health a priority.


The Eltringham Law Group (ELG) is a personal injury attorney group located in Boca Raton, Florida. Unlike most lawyers, ELG operates with a Health-First Mindset – making your health and recovery the priority of your case. There is a focus to maximize the relationship – not the transaction. Our experience has shown that prioritizing health and healing instead of dollars results in the best outcomes – both medically and financially. When you need an attorney you can trust, you can depend on ELG. ELG is highly experienced in all areas of personal injury law including slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice, car accidents, dog bites and animal attacks, commercial truck accidents, traumatic brain injuries, and wrongful death. Our team is able to help you and your loved ones that need legal representation in Florida.

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