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This man retained our services in March of 2017. At the time, he was a truck driver that had recently suffered a traumatic slip and fall on ice and sustained severe injuries to his low back and right knee. The insurance carrier initially denied his care and tried to pay him half of the weekly benefits he was rightfully entitled to. We immediately rectified his weekly benefits, got his right knee and low back surgeries approved, along with substantial post-operative rehabilitation and medications. In December of 2018, Partner Julio Costa reached a high six-figure settlement to compensate our client for the long-term effects of his injury. We are thrilled to have obtained an excellent recovery for our client and new Costa Ivone LLC family member for life. Watch his testimonial! #winning #SixFigures #SuperLawyers #RisingStars #Top40Under40 #Wetreatclientslikefamily

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