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Car accidents occur every day in Atlanta and throughout Georgia, usually because one or more drivers have been negligent. Personal injury claims arising from car accidents are based on recovering money damages to compensate you for the damages that arose from a car wreck. These damages include past and future medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and sometimes even punitive damages (usually DUI drunk driving, hit and run, and other conduct that shows a reckless disregard for human life). Hiring an experienced car accident attorney in Georgia will guarantee that you will be fully compensated for your personal injury claim.
Hiring the right attorney assures you that you will be fully compensated for your personal injury and wrongful death claim which is rarely possible without good representation. In cases where the client’s personal injury claim is worth more than the insurance coverage available, the firm works hard to make their client’s settlement amount go as far as possible by negotiating for reductions in their medical bills and any subrogation liens.
Sometimes the firm also reduces their own attorney fees if the case settles before litigation and if the client is netting less money than the firm’s attorney fees. Attorney Richard Griffin has even reduced his attorney fee for cases where there are factors that limit the recovery; to make the best of the situation and to be as fair as possible to his clients.
Attorney Richard Griffin firmly believes that this approach has led to incredible growth from client referrals. Client referrals are proof that the firm is comprised of lawyers who treat their clients fairly, work hard, and get great results.
The Griffin Law Firm can help you from the beginning to the end of your personal injury and wrongful death claims:
1. Getting the medical treatment you need : If you do not have insurance, the firm will help you find doctors who will treat on a lien. This means that the doctor will treat you without asking for payment until your case is resolved. Not getting the medical treatment you need not only prevents you from fully recovering from your injuries, but it also leads to gaps in health care that often reduce the value of your case.
2. Medical documentation : The firm’s lawyers can get the documentation needed to establish the types of injuries that you have sustained, the cost of the past and future treatment that may be needed, the permanent impairment ratings that may apply, and the prognosis of your injuries.
3. Lost wage documentation : The firm can make sure that you have the documentation necessary to support your lost wage claim. This documentation often includes Wage and Salary Verifications, Doctor Excuses (Disability Certificates), tax returns, and other documentation of lost income or ability to work.
4. Establishing pain and suffering : Pain and suffering is a damage that you are entitled to if you have a personal injury claim. However, the value assigned to this damage is one that is very fact specific. When your case is negotiated or litigated witnesses can be helpful in establishing how your injuries negatively impacted your life.
5. Stacking insurance policies : Many times the most important factor determining how much you will recover is how much insurance coverage is there. The personal injury lawyers from The Griffin Law Firm are trained to locate all of the insurance policies which cover your personal injury claim.
6. Jury verdict research : The firm also utilizes the latest jury verdict research to better educate clients regarding the likely value of their case and to negotiate higher settlements from the adjusters and their defense attorneys.
7. Obtaining fair settlements and verdicts : Good settlements do not happen by accident. The firm’s goal is to maximize their client’s recovery on every case.
If you have you been in a car accident, A reliable car accident attorney in Georgia from The Griffin Law Firm will make sure that you take the right steps regarding witnesses, medical care, and more. Protect your health, family and finances following a car accident. Contact The Griffin Law Firm at (888) 819-6961.


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