Canton Car Accident Lawyer – Can Your Lawyer Advance Money

Canton Car Accident Lawyer,, Can Your Lawyer Advance Money? Chester Law Group 800-218-4243 explains.

Can your lawyer really advance you money for your car accident case?

In this video David Chester, Canton car accident lawyer, gives an explanation.

First, you should know that Ohio law does not allow a lawyer to advance you his personal money.

That said, there is an exception where an Ohio lawyer’s law firm can front you money for litigation costs.

There are settlement funding companies that are available to advance you money but you should be extremely careful about these. You should also be careful about any law firm that promotes to you that they do funding for all of their clients.

For any upfront money for a car accident claim make sure you read the fine print and understand precisely all the financial implications, especially what must be repaid when you settle your claim.

Only, and I repeat, only hire an experienced attorney who is knowledgeable on all car accident laws and personal injury laws in the state you live.

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