Can I Be Sued for Wrongful Death in a Car Accident?

Can I Be Sued for Wrongful Death in a Car Accident? (Orlando, Florida) Attorney L. Reed Bloodworth is a personal injury litigation, business litigation, and trust and estate litigation (beneficiary, will, trust, estate lawsuit) lawyer.

Reed handles wrongful death cases and when someone dies in a car accident, occasionally a family will sue the person held responsible for the car crash.

Can the family of a person who died in a car crash may be able to sue the other driver for wrongful death.

There are certain people who are entitled to bring a wrongful death action.

Those people include a personal representative of the decedent’s estate, the children of the decedent if they’re under a certain age and potentially the spouse of the decedent.

So whether or not a family can sue depends upon the circumstances.

Reed has practiced Florida law since 2004 and has litigated hundreds of cases. Reed focuses on the following practice areas:

Business Litigation:
–Breach of Contract
–Shareholder & Partnership Litigation
–Business Torts

Personal Injury:
–Car Accidents
–Slip & Fall
–Wrongful Death

Trust & Estate Litigation:
–Undue Influence
–Lack of Capacity
–Tortious Interference with a Testamentary Expectancy

Reed is a Florida attorney who works with clients across the state of Florida and in the U.S. including:
Reed has practiced Florida law since 2004 and has handled hundreds of cases for clients in Florida in cities including:
Daytona Beach
Fort Meyers
Fort Lauderdale
St. Augustine
St. Petersburg
The Villages
Winter Haven
West Palm Beach

Reed does handle cases from across certain states including:
New York

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When you’ve got a legal problem, it’s important to talk about your case to explain what happened to you when details are fresh and you can act on the dispute or injury. Consult with Reed to find out what can be done to resolve the dispute.

Reed will assess your case and actively pursue legal actions when you’ve been wronged–as quickly as possible–for reasonable fees.

Did you know that Reed takes business lawsuits on contingency fees? Contingency fees mean that approved cases are taken and that you don’t pay unless and until the case yields money. Reed immediately gets to work on your case and pursues a settlement, trial, mediation or summary judgment.

What Cases Are Taken on Contingency?
All of the practice areas that Reed handles may be paid through contingency fees.
Business Litigation
Personal Injury Litigation
Trust & Estate Litigation

Email Reed with questions at: Reed is based in Orlando, Florida but works for clients across the state.

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