Bellevue Washington Car Accident Attorney Andrew Kim – Small Talk Can Kill Your Injury Claim
After a serious accident, you feel injured and victimized, and a sympathetic ear may be just what you need to feel better about what’s happened to you. That’s exactly the attitude that insurance company claims adjustors prey upon and that’s how hundreds of Washington personal injury victims lose their injury claims each year.

A friendly, sympathetic voice on the other end of that telephone is an enemy in disguse when it comes to gathering information about your accident. Even though you know that you weren’t to blame for the injuries you sustained because of the negligence of another, the insurance claims adjustor doesn’t want to report that you’re an innocent victim. If they did, that means they’d have to pay for your damages!

Instead, they’ll establish a friendly relationship with you, luring you into a false sense of security that they want to help pay for your medical bills, lost income wages and pain and suffering. Don’t forget that they’re employed by the insurance company to help report your claim so that the company has to pay as little as possible to its customers.

Be wary of overly chatty adjustors, as they’re trying to get you to open up and stop thinking about what you’re telling them. The more friendly the discussion, the better they can lead it and get you to potentially say something that can harm the severity or validity of your claim. Phone calls with the adjustor are recorded, so anything you say has the potential to harm you- this includes online correspondence, as well.

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Before filing a Washington personal injury claim, you should know all that you face while working on your settlement. A Bellevue personal injury attorney will know the things to best negotiate your settlement and will help you avoid the hassle of taking a claim to court (but will help you do so if it becomes necessary).

The Andrew Kim Law Firm represents people involved in a insurance coverage dispute and bad faith claims. Call us at (425) 289-1990 in Bellevue and surrounding areas, (253) 682-2000 in Tacoma or toll free at 1-800-636-3676.

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