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What Is A Truck Accident Worth ?

What is a truck accident case worth?

As large as these trucks are, even a relatively low impact collision can often lead to serious injury or even death. A typical fully loaded commercial truck can weigh over 80K lbs., while an average passenger automobile weighs only approximately 3K lbs.
When my lay firm is hired to represent the family of a person seriously injured or killed in a truck accident collision we immediately start investigating different factors that could determine and affect the value of these cases.

Some of these factors are:

Was the truck driver fatigued at the time if the accident?
Was the driver properly licensed?
Was the truck company negligent in hiring and retaining the driver?

We immediately want to get a copy of the truck drivers log. Truck drivers are required to log their hours, which reflects when the driver starts their day and all the stops along the way and it certifies that he/she has inspected the tractor and the trailer that they are operating. These logs can also be used as evidence that the driver was speeding between their last stop and where the wreck occurred, or that they were suffering from driver fatigue because of the numbers of hours spent on the road.
We will also take a look at the drivers unemployment file and driving record, we’ll make sure they were properly able to drive the truck. And if the driver wasn’t the trucking company can be held liable for the accident under neglect hiring and retention.

If you or a family member was hurt in a truck accident do not delay CALL US RIGHT AWAY!

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