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If you’ve been assaulted, you have rights! You may be able to seek damages for your injuries.

The legal steps you take now could greatly impact your outcome. When it’s all said and done, you want to know you picked the right team.

Our firm has spent nearly 30 years fighting for people just like you. Here, you’ll find an attitude that takes no case lightly and an attorney-client relationship that just feels comfortable. Your next decision could be one of the most important you’ll ever make. Call us. If we can help you, we will.

Recovery. It’s more than just medical. Quite often, physical injuries are just the tip of the iceberg. Many victims also suffer financial setbacks due to lost wages, medical bills and property damage. And to make matters worse, many of these individuals must then fight with insurance companies that are highly skilled at preserving their own interests. Life isn’t fair, but your legal fight should be. That’s where we come in.

Auto Accidents

In addition to physical injuries, many auto accident victims struggle with financial and emotional hardships as well. If you or a loved one has been involved in a car crash, we urge you to call our firm immediately so we can protect your rights.

Leaving your fate to the insurance companies could be a mistake. Fact is, insurance companies are highly skilled at protecting their own interests. At Hudgins Law Firm, our only responsibility is to YOU. We’ll fight for the compensation you deserve, dealing with the insurance companies and taking them to court if necessary.

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Injury Cases

Personal Injury refers to situations in which the wrongful conduct of another causes temporary or permanent physical injury.

In a personal injury suit, the injured party is seeking compensation for all of the losses they have experienced and will continue to experience as a result of that injury. These elements of damage may include medical expenses, loss of wages, pain and suffering, disability and disfigurement..

Slip & Fall Down Accidents
Have you suffered an injury on someone else’s property due to their negligence? Then you may have a “slip and fall injury” case.

While there is no clear-cut way of proving fault, each “slip and fall injury” case is based on whether or not the premises owner allowed a dangerous condition to persist. If you’ve been injured on someone else’s property, call Hudgins Law Firm so we can discuss your rights.

Drunk Driving Accidents
When someone gets behind the wheel of a car after drinking, he or she is placing both his or her own life and the lives of everyone else on the road in danger.

If you’ve been the victim or have lost a loved one due to a Florida drunk driving auto accident, you need someone on your side to help you navigate the legal system. We understand the hardship and uncertainty you’re facing as a result of the accident, and we’re ready to help you get compensated for physical and emotional injuries, lost wages, pain and suffering, disability, and other loss caused by the accident.

The process to get compensation can be challenging, as insurance companies can give you the runaround and try to give as little as possible or even hurt your claim. At Hudgins Law Firm, we know you’re already dealing with enough.

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Get medical care as soon as possible, even if you do not feel seriously injured. You may be in a state of shock and not feel back, neck or other soft tissue injuries until days later. The longer you wait to obtain treatment, the harder it will be for you to prove that your injuries were caused by the drunk driver accident.

Because bruises, broken bones, and lacerations eventually heal, begin by taking photos of initial injuries; these pictures can be used as evidence for your injury lawyer as he or she negotiates your settlement or tries your case. Also take note of how you feel and how the injuries hinder your daily life – for example, if the pain was so bad you couldn’t sleep or despite pain medication you remained in pain for days. It may also be beneficial for your claim if you document the medication you take and keep records of your doctor’s visits and medical bills.

As you or your loved ones recover from a Florida drunk driving accident, consider other sources of support as well to help you through this trying time. Friends and family are always a good place to look for emotional support and a helping hand with the many tasks brought on by the accident, whether it is traveling to and from doctor’s appointments or handling matters following a loved one’s death. Mothers Against Drunk Driving, or MADD (, a nonprofit organization with the mission to stop drunk driving and support the victims of drunk driving accidents, is an excellent resource for support as well.


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