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Once the accident is over you need medical and legal help. A good personal injury lawyer can help with both. Watch this video then call the Inland Empire Law Group.

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Hi my name is David Ricks. I’m a personal injury attorney in Rancho Cucamonga. This is our third installment in our three part series of what to do before, during, and after an accident. In the first two videos we talked about what to do before an accident, what insurance to have, things of that nature. In the second one we talked about what happens immediately after the accident or during the time that you’re on scene. I’ve given information about the various forms and things that you should have and the information that you should have from those from an accident scene. But now, what to do afterwards, the cars are picked up the accident scene has been cleaned up. If you’ve been injured you need to get to the doctor. You need to get to the hospital and get immediate treatment. You need to make sure that you take care of yourself, on a physical level before anything else. And make sure that your family, friends or other passengers, are also taken care of right away. Don’t fret about the other things such as the financial issues right then and there because if you do you may make decisions that will haunt you in your ultimate recovery later on. The second thing, after you’ve gotten the physical care, is that you need to make sure to contact your own insurance company and let them know about the accident. Report the accident to them so that they could build a file. If you have collision coverage or comprehensive coverage for your car you can let them know and they will help you get your car repaired as quickly as possible. If your car can’t be repaired, it’s called a total loss, they can help get you the replacement value of your vehicle as soon as possible. This will help minimize the trouble you’re going to have to go through following your accident. The next thing that you want to do is you want to make sure that you speak with a legal professional as soon as possible. Why is this so important? It’s because this individual, if you have a case that needs an attorney, can help you gather the information that is going to help you present the best case. The legal professional, the attorney that handles personal injury, such as our firm, can make sure that you get to the right medical treaters so that you are not left suffering from an accident for a long time. Sometimes injuries are what are called transitory; they will get better over time. They often get better more quickly if you got medical treatment. They often take longer to recover if you wait to take care of yourself. The attorney can also get the information to present to the insurance company such as witness statements, photos, damages reports, police reports, etc. The attorney will stand between you and the opposing insurance company and adjuster. I hate to say this but their objective is to minimize the amount that they have to pay you, and your objective is to be fully and properly compensated. If you’re not protected by an attorney they will use things against you down the road. A good attorney will help you maximize your recover and claim in your car accident. A good personal injury lawyer knows how to present information that will motivate the insurance company to give a more appropriate settlement then what they initially want to pay you. If for some reason the insurance company still doesn’t want to pay you what your case is worth, then a good personal injury attorney who understands trial work can file your case with the court of law and you can take that case to a judge or jury and let them decide what the insurance company should pay you. I have a great book called Victimized No More that can help you understand these principles and information in a lot more detail. I’ve got a section on how to find the right attorney for you. I recommend that you read that so theat you can find out if my firm is right one for you or somebody else. But what I want more than anything else is that the people that have been injured in an accident get appropriate compensation following that accident and are not victimized by the insurance companies and their lawyers that are trying to get you to take less than what you deserve. My name is David Ricks I am a personal injury attorney, or car accident lawyer, in Rancho Cucamonga and I’m here to help injured victims in the Inland Empire.


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